North Central Anesthesia Consultants is Dallas' premier physician-only provider of anesthesia services for a variety of surgical procedures.

The anesthesiologists of NCAC are committed to clinical excellence, with patients' safety and comfort the highest priority. In addition to solid training backgrounds and hands-on clinical experience, our anesthesiologists enhance their skills through continuing medical education and maintenance of board certification in anesthesiology.

We welcome and encourage patients to ask their NCAC anesthesiologist any questions about their care prior to the procedure: a well-informed patient tends to have a better overall surgical experience.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) is the premier source of current information on the medical specialty of anesthesiology. The ASA has created the Lifeline to Modern Medicine as a comprehensive, one-stop resource for patients that addresses many questions and concerns about anesthesia, and prepares patients for their meeting with the anesthesiologist.